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Stoney Creek Smokehouses

Stoney Creek Smokehouses

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Stoney Creek Smokehouses are designed and built by Precast Products

Stoney Creek Smokehouses are the creation of Justin Robb who has had a career in all areas of concrete for over 25 years. Justin's love of fishing and the versatility of concrete and its durability has allowed Justin to now create a smokehouse that will enhance and also withstand what nature throws at it.

Stoney Creek Smokehouses are built from fibre-rich precast concrete panels and held together by stainless steel bolts. A Stoney Creek Smokehouse will still be standing for many years to come.

What is included in your new Stoney Creek Smokehouse:

  • Three stainless steel cooking racks
  • A Cold Smoke Generator
  • A burn plate for your wood chips
  • A gas ring, regulator and hose
  • A colour-matched precast concrete gas bottle holder
  • Price includes GST

In addition to providing you with amazing tasting Smoked Fish, your Stoney Creek Smokehouse has been designed to give your the ability to Cold Smoke from an external smoke generator. With this you have the ability to cold smoke meat, cheese, chilli, and even chocolate.

Stoney Creek Smokehouse’s are not just a smokehouse they are a multi-purpose outdoor cooking oven. 

Your new smokehouse has been designed and built for low temperatures and slow cooking. With your smokehouse, you will also be able to be Pitmaster and add versatility to your outdoor cooking experience.

We are passionate about our Smokehouses


Note: Please contact us for a quote as materials used vary and so will cost.

Stoney Creek Smokehouse Bench is sold separately

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