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Premium Cattle Troughs

Why Precast Products?

Precast Products strives to provide both quality and innovative products.

Our Ballcock Protected Troughs and Paddock Podium® are our highlighed products that we have designed built and Patented.

We have also designed a wide range of other products

Premium Ballcock Protected Livestock Troughs

Pavers (see our product list)


Footing Blocks

Pig Troughs

Small Sheep Troughs

All our concrete is mixed on site to our own special mix design that ensures strength and durability

We are proud to supply our products to local stockists

  • Civil Products


  • Concrete Pavers

    We have a selection of pavers that have been designed to enhance your landscape design

    Concrete Pavers 
  • 1000 Litre $685  500 Litre $575

    Rural Products

    Premium Ballcock Protected Livestock Trough

    Pig Troughs

    Small Sheep Trough with Ballcock

    Calf Feeder

    Premium Ballcock Protected Livestock Troughs 
  • More Products

    Container Footing Blocks

    Stoney Creek Smokehouse

    Stoney Creek Smokehouse Table

    Concrete Pavers

    Container Blocks 
  • Livestock troughs handmade and built to order

    Dog Bowls

    Our Concrete Dog Bowls will stop your dog from chewing their bowl or moving it to the back of the Kennel. The water will stay clean longer.

    Two sizes available

    - 8 litre Kennel Bowl

    - 3 Litre Food or Water Bowl

    Dog Bowls 
  • Stoney Creek Smokehouse

    Our Stoney Creek Smokehouse has been designed and bulit by Precast Products to last.

    Made of Fibre Rich 50 mpa Concrete and weighing in at approx 880 kg.

    They are designed to hot and cold smoke as well as do all your outdoor roasting, bread making, and so much more...

    Stoney Creek Bench sold separately

    StoneyCreek Smokehouse 
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Our Pavers

Being located in the stunning Bay of Islands, which has such diversity in the environment, from our stunning ocean to the majestic trees in our native forests, this is what inspires us to create a paving range that reflects these elements.

Understanding that homes are being designed to embrace the outdoors and have a seamless transition from indoor living to relaxing in a stunning outdoor area, drives us to create products that are both functional and attractive. 

Exclusive and unique to Precast Products Limited is our textured paver Riverstone

Amongst these pavers we have several different textures to offer:

Riverstone | Split Stone | Deck Tread Textured

We also offer our standard smooth pavers in a variation of sizes, and as with all our pavers, these can be made to order in a colour from the range of colours available to us.

  • Textured Pavers

    Our latest paver with an attractive easy on the foot texture.

    These will look amazing where ever you decide to put them.

    Textured Pavers 
  • Round Concrete Pavers

    Round pavers at 460mm diameter.

    40mm thick

    Can be supplied in colour.

    Round Paving Stones 
  • 40mm Thick Concrete Pavers

    All our pavers are 40mm thick and are made by hand from 50 mpa fibre rich concrete

    Can also be made in colour.

    Concrete pavers 
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