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Our Stoneycreek Smokehouse represents everything that Justin is passionate about. Justin’s love of fishing and outdoor cooking, paired with his vast experience working with concrete is what inspired the design and functionality of the Stoneycreek Smokehouse.

All our Stoneycreek Smokehouse’s are designed and built to be the centre piece of any outdoor kitchen.

Made to order, the Smokehouse externally, is 1200mm high x 800mm wide x 800mm deep. Inside you will find three stainless steel oven racks, a steel heat plate and a gas ring.

Each smokehouse has a Smokai cold smoker fitted externally, allowing you to change flavours of wood chip that is used and allowing the user to control the smoke within the smokehouse.

Our Smokehouse, gives you flexibility to hot smoke, cold smoke or just slow cook. We believe that your Stoneycreek Smokehouse will be enjoyed by families for generations. 

We also have the ability to build a stand for the smokehouse to sit on.

Note: Things to consider: our Stoneycreek Smokehouse weighs approx 850kgs and our stand weighs approx 1,300kgs. Both these items require a professional Hiab truck to transport and put in place.